Tailor-made Programmes for External Institutions

As part of the academic internationalisation activities of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, tailor-made or customised programmes are an opportunity to plan seminars, conferences and workshops that respond to the demands and interests of universities and academic institutions, both at home and abroad. Such programmes have the additional advantage that they are offered to a group of students, teachers and/or researchers, and can be carried out in a face-to-face or virtual modality.

The Faculty has:

-Teaching staff of two thousand one hundred and ninety-two professionals;

-Nine degree courses;

-Forty-eight postgraduate courses;

-Two hundred and seventy-two accredited group research projects;

-Twenty-three specialised research institutes;

-Forty consolidated university extension teams,

-Two University Museums: the "Dr. Eduardo Casanova" Archaeological and Anthropological Museum (Tilcara, Jujuy) and the "Juan B. Ambrosetti" Ethnographic Museum (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires);

-A Cultural Centre: "Paco Urondo" Cultural Centre;

-A Language Centre: Laboratorio de Idiomas


Applications for Tailor-made Programmes

Interested institutions may send their requests to the following e-mail address: relacionesinternacionales@filo.uba.ar

The following details are requested: topics; type of activity (seminar, course, conference, etc.); number and academic level of participants (undergraduate/postgraduate students, teachers, researchers); duration; proposed timetable; language; face-to-face or virtual mode.


Certification of tailor-made courses

Depending on the programme agreed with the partner institution, including the nature of the activity to be developed, the FFyL will certify the completion of the activity to the participants.



The costs per student/group will be agreed by the institutions, in accordance with the regulations for the definition of participants' fees, professional fees and administrative expenses in force in FFyL.


Background in Tailor-made Courses:

Our Faculty has a long experience in Intensive or Summer Programmes for groups of foreign students and teachers:

-Spanish, History and Literature Programme aimed at university students from the USA.

-Human Rights and Social Movements Programme for US university students.

-Cultural Immersion Programme "Andean World" at the "Tilcara" Campus, Jujuy Province, for students from the USA.

-Intensive cultural immersion programme for French secondary school teachers (courses in Argentine art, Argentine history, Argentine literature, current Argentine cinema, Rioplatense Spanish).

-Cultural immersion programme for Latin American teachers (Brazil, Puerto Rico).